Life Happens To Our Benefit

rev. louisa dyer, wholistic counseling“Everything in the Universe is happening to my benefit.” You might say that aloud & immediately know or feel the intrinsic truth of it. Or you might laugh & think something along the lines of, “Yeah, right, I wish!” Well, I’m going to show you it is simple logic, true to the bones & throughout the cosmos, and how to use that truth in challenging times.

First, the language matters. It is always in the present tense, not past or future. Notice also that I did not say “FOR my benefit” but instead, “TO my benefit.” Big difference from little words – the first breeds arrogance, narcissism, as though you or I are more special than anyone or anything else & thus getting special treatment. The universe works the same for everything in it, because everything in our universe is composed of & operating within the same energy, made out of the same “stuff” whether a star, human body, thought form, emotion, tree, computer, spring flower…… has long proven what mystics have always known  – all is one & one is all.

“Everything in the Universe is happening to my benefit.” Notice how the planets predictably orbit, how stars remain in their place, how this little rock called Earth spins while moving through space yet we can hold steady, how grass & trees & flowers grow without human intervention. Examples are endless of how the Universe itself keeps working perfectly, how all the gad zillions of big & little forms within it move interdependently & harmoniously, adapting constantly to countless variations, always changing yet somehow remaining in predictable order & harmony with everything else.

The human body mirrors this miraculous universe in miniature. Literally billions of bodily interactions happen every moment. Our physical forms endlessly change,  depending on too many variables to count, yet the body as a whole synchronizes itself to keep functioning in spite of illness or injury to big or little parts of itself. And just like in the cosmos, it happens automatically, through no deliberate control of our own, without even a conscious thought from us about it.

Beginning in the early 1900s, scientists discovered what we call quantum physics. Since the 1950’s, many experiments have proven that everything in the universe is interconnected with & affecting everything else in the universe, all the time. We now know from numerous scientific trials that everything held in our minds, whether conscious or unconscious, affects not only our bodies but also influences physical reality beyond the individual self. We are aware suddenly that we can help ourselves tremendously by changing our thoughts, especially the ones buried deeply in the subconscious.

“Everything in the Universe is happening to my benefit.” You are part of the universe and it is part of you. There can be no separation, though because of free will anyone can choose to FEEL separate, and most humans do feel disconnected because of unconscious fear & limiting beliefs held inside. Until light, love, God, goodness – some form of higher consciousness, of awareness – allows us to shine a loving light on the limiting & fearful beliefs we have innocently & often unconsciously learned, usually in childhood, we continue to feel separate, cut off from the source of our own existence.

Recognizing the truth in the quoted statement, feeling it, understanding it, letting it make you laugh or cry or jump for joy, can be that light. Everything that happens is within the universe; the universe itself seems to be in good working order, no matter how many things happen to disrupt it, and has been for eons; you are in the universe; the universe is also within you; you are part of that universal order always coming into harmony with everything else. It is simple logic to notice that literally, absolutely, with no doubt whatsoever, everything in the universe is happening to my benefit. It could be no other way or the stars would all fall from the sky.

No matter the circumstances of the moment, they somehow serve me. The key is to accept it, to know it, to even look for how the situation could possibly be beneficial, without actually trying to figure it out. Those billions upon billions of connections, of universal interactions, are simply too complex for the human brain to process. We will recognize how it serves us only when or if knowing it contributes to our overall balance or harmony within the larger order of things. It can be helpful to look for the benefit in every situation, simply because it is always there. Yet to push ourselves to figure it out, to demand that we understand, or to ignore our feelings & pretend we feel or think what we don’t because of an idea that we “should” – well, that is simply unkind.

Accepting myself right where I am – this decision creates the loving compassion required to consciously move forward in beneficial ways. It puts me in the flow of universal harmony, allowing me to tap into the balance inherent in life itself. And when I KNOW, in every fiber of my being, that everything in the universe is happening to my benefit, much fear & shame simply evaporates. I am again free to feel the love in & around me, offering all the power needed to take the next step. Incredible gratitude fills me to witness the wonder of life, the power of love, how the simple act of changing my mind can shift so much within & around me. May this awareness empower you as well.


  1. Lynn Winters says:

    Not at all surprising that as soon as I opened your blog, dear friend, my eyes rested on the one particular message I needed to see. You are amazing (and me, too)!

    • Louisa Dyer says:

      sweet lynn, glad you acknowledged the truth with that “and me, too!” Love you much woman – feel free to email me with the details of the ‘message meant for you’ if you don’t want to post here – i’d love to connect. I’m so happy when i know people benefit from what i share.

  2. Mishi McCoy says:

    Thank you for pointing out the difference in “To my benefit” rather than “For my benefit.” It is always refreshing to learn something fresh that can make a major difference in the way that we see things. I am always open and willing for the needed shift in my consciousness to be-come the expression of Love I am destined to be. Your blog is uplifting, inspiring and a seasoned expression of your brilliance that allows us all to shine.

    • Louisa Dyer says:

      Thanks for responding! those words mean a lot, especially coming from you Mishi – seems to be the little things that make the most difference. I look forward to your posts & always think – did i ask her if we were related? Blessings

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