Energy Psychology

Ancient Wisdom Meets Quantum Physics for Fast, Effective Healing

Numerous Energy PsychologFofLifepurpleies have been developed since 1980. They use the
acupuncture meridians (Chinese Medicine),
with evolving knowledge from Energy Medicine
& proven psychological techniques,

to access & heal the subconscious thoughts/beliefs/feelings that drive all stress, all “negative” situations & dis-ease,
whether of mind, body or spirit.


Having studied various Energy Psychologies, Rev. Louisa co-created (with Laura Cirolia) a new form of EP called WOW Processing. WOW provides quick & effective healing from powerful, easy to use & unconditionally loving Guided Meditations that increase inner ‘Presence.’  Presence literally transmutes stress, creating deep & lasting change.


Facilitated WOW Processing sessions are available from Rev. Louisa
WOW recordings are a way to do WOW for yourself, available Here
To facilitate WOW for others, please see info Here

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Energy Psychology Background
There are many forms of it, some difficult to learn & others easy. Some are expensive & others almost free. Most are effective for certain issues or situations. In general, Energy Psychologies (EP) are effective for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, phobias, obsessive thinking & compulsive behaviors or clearing the emotional/mental/spiritual roots of physical illness.

EP’s foundation is Eastern medicine, stretching back 5000 years: acupuncture, chakras, subtle energies & specifically the body’s meridian energy systems. Applied Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, quantum physics & new understanding of the electrical fields that surround everything in existence are EP’s body, giving it an astonishing reach.


“I can feel myself being re-wired, in my brain & also in my body!”
(a commonly heard response to various forms of Energy Psychology


How Does it Work?
It appears that Energy Psychology (EP) shifts body & brain patterns associated with unwanted thoughts, feelings, actions & conditions. Drawing from Chinese Medicine, it’s often called “psychological acupuncture without the needles.” EP combines psycholo- gical techniques with specific hand positions that activate certain meridians or acupuncture points, sending signals to the brain that change dysfunctional responses.


WOW Processing takes EP to new levels by activating what Eckhart Tolle calls Presence – the Divine power of life itself that lives within each of us & which automatically transmutes all suffering into greater Presence.

WOWCDGuideCoverDesigned to heal almost any type of suffering, WOW is a form of EP that offers simple & quick ways to get present, to allow awareness of Presence to build within, so that healing happens automatically.

WOW offers guided, unconditionally loving, therapeutic sessions to immediately feel better, enhance goal achievement, jumpstart creativity, discover or regain clarity & release doubts, confusion, fear, grief, anger, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are dealing with trauma, clinical depression, addiction, or long-term physical issues, it is highly recommended that you work with Rev. Louisa or another skilled guide rather than using the WOW recordings.


The WOW Process focuses Presence on a specific issue,
a particular challenge or goal.

WOW-In-Love focuses Presence on clearing out hurtful, damaging &
“less than loving” energies that have been stuck inside of you.

Both processes are included in the WOW Recordings, with detailed verbal instructions
& PDF visual guide; both also included in ebook: WOW – You Really Can Feel Better!
a primer for learning to facilitate WOW for others.


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