Meet Louisa

“My passion is helping people heal & grow.
It’s so much easier when we know
the Truth.”


Rev. Louisa is a lover of Truth, a communicator with Higher Self & Nature Intelligence, a skilled kinesiologist, co-creator of WOW Processing (anEnergy Psychology), an accomplished writer & teacher, a grounded, compassionate intuitive & a metaphysical minister who considers herself spiritual but not religious.

Her greatest joy is helping people grow, and especially helping them discover & live from the True Self, which puts an end to so much suffering.

You may schedule a session or a 15 minute free consult by phone or email     828-484-8969
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Professionally speaking…(more personal info Here)

Rev. Louisa A. (formally LouAnne) Dyer graduated summa cum laude from JFK University’s School of Consciousness Studies, 1992, Masters in Holistic Psychology; Degree focused on personal growth & spiritual development, spiritual systems, holistic health & body-oriented psychotherapy.

5 years working with Traumatic Brain Injury clients in San Francisco Bay Area; Internship at JFK’s Holistic Counseling Center; 5 years as Holistic Behavior Therapist in Albuquerque NM for adults with disabilities


Rev. Louisa’s formal counseling experience, however, started in 1986
as volunteer for Suicide Crisis Hotline & Drop-In Center during undergraduate work, Montclair State College, NJ.  Her informal experience began in first grade, teaching a small group of classmates assigned by the teacher.

Wholistic Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MA

In 1999, a big shift occurred – from therapist to Reverend:
Ordained as Interfaith Counselor & Metaphysical Minister by Esoteric Theological Seminary, Rev. Louisa gave up her therapist hat, became self-employed & broadened her focus to include many types of energy work.
Wholistic Spiritual Counseling & Intuitive Services was born.

Training that has most affected her work: Numerous Energy Practices; Applied Kinesiology; ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie; The 12 Step Programs; Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Devotional Non-duality (described in his Power vs Force series); Writings of Neville, Carl Jung, Ernest Holmes, Carl Rogers, Eckhart Tolle; Perelandra Nature Center – Energy Work, Flower Essences, MAP & understanding of Nature Intelligence;

Energy Psychology, especially PEAT, EFT, TAT & WOW Processing; Jungian Shadow & Dream Work; Body-Oriented Psychotherapy; Feminist Theory; Alchemical Hypnotherapy; Shamanic Journeying; Science of Mind Practitioner Training; Holotropic Breathwork; Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Rumi, and of course the great teachers: Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Confucius & Lao Tzu.

For details about Rev. Louisa’s philosophy and/or personal mission, please visit this Page. To read published stories of the many miraculous happenings that have given her the wisdom & compassion to meet you wherever YOU are, please click Here. (page still in process)


In 2003, Rev. Louisa learned to read the Akashic Records through ARC International.

In 200Wholistic Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MA5, began co-creating a new energy psychology, WOW Processing, with Laura Cirolia;

In 2008, published ebook, WOW-You Really Can Feel Better, which teaches how to quickly, easily & inexpensively facilitate WOW Processing for others.

In 2009, recorded The WOW Process & WOW-in-Love, so people could do WOW Processing on their own. WOW works through quickly increasing “Presence” and allowing it to effortlessly transmute all types of challenges.

“We created WOW because we wanted fast healing with lasting results. We’d both used other energy psychologies, so we worked with Nature Intelligence, our Higher Selves & the Akashic Records of Human Growth & Development to create one that was deep, consistently effective & unconditionally loving. WOW is IT.”


With this variety of mainstream & alternative clinical experience,
Rev. Louisa gets to the heart of the matter & offers unconditional understanding
no matter where you are or where you’ve been.


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to discover how she can best help you, please call or email Here.

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flower_of_lifepurpleWholeness, Oneness, already exists. All else is illusion.