muscle testing (kinesiology) with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MA Kinesiology (muscle testing)
A Simple Technique to Access the Infinite Field of Consciousness & Discover Truth


When you have many questions
about one topic, or a few questions about
many topics, when simple yes/no answers
are sufficient, kinesiology or muscle testing is the fastest way to discover the truth about whatever you want to know.

Kinesiology has been well documented for decades as a way to quickly discover what’s true, beneficial, life affirming or detrimental on any level of being.


When you want to explore a subject in depth, to discover the whys & wherefores rather than be limited to yes/no answers, accessing the Akashic Records is more appropriate than kinesiology. It’s the same field of consciousness, merely a different way of exploring it. Here’s detailed information about Akashic Record Readings.

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Practical applications of kinesiology for accurate information, success, health & well-being are limitless. Rev. Louisa has studied & taught it since 1980. She uses a pendulum to access the field of consciousness so physical proximity is not required.
muscle testing (kinesiology) with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MAFor detailed information, click here for an
article she wrote for Whole Living Journal in March, 2012.

If you prefer listening over reading,
Rev. Louisa has numerous radio shows devoted to this topic; here are two:
10/28/10 Getting Accurate Answers & 11/4/10 All Truth is Knowable


There is a field of consciousness that surrounds everything in the universe – it is this field we are accessing with muscle testing & when reading the Akashic Records. Physical touch is therefore not necessary. Through this omnipresent field, we can discover the truth about almost anything that exists now or has ever been.

We can also communicate directly with Nature, the Higher Self & body, to quickly determine yes/no answers to all our questions: for example, what supplements, foods, tools, actions, understandings, relationships, treatments, types of work or play – are beneficial now, and what is NOT helpful as well. Almost everything is knowable when we ask questions in an appropriate manner.

problems are messages


Learning how to ask questions correctly, and being willing to know the truth with no attachment to the answers, are both necessary to receive accurate information. To learn how to do muscle testing for yourself, read Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins or visit


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It’s important to understand that, without in-depth training, using a pendulum
is NOT the same as kinesiology/muscle testing

Unless programmed differently, a pendulum accesses your own belief systems, be they conscious or subconscious, not the infinite field of all-knowing consciousness.

That is very helpful for discovering the limiting thoughts/feelings holding you back, but does not give you the TRUTH as kinesiology does, only your beliefs about it.rev. louisa dyer wholistic counseling

Rev. Louisa first learned kinesiology in the mid-70’s, then how to use a pendulum to uncover subconscious limiting beliefs in 1980, then how to use a pendulum to access the field of consciousness as muscle testing does in 2000. She uses kinesiology constantly in her own life, and in every session with clients to consistently have clarity about the truth.


Almost all truth is knowable – everything that exists now or has ever been can be discovered if it is in balance for you to know it & your question has integrity. When yes/no answers are what you want, ask for kinesiology; when you want to explore an issue in depth, ask for an Akashic Record Reading.

Answers are just a phone call or email away!

For more info about kinesiology, here’s a published article from 2012.

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