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Nature Holds Our
Darkened Energies
Until Healing Happens

Without Nature’s amazing capacity to absorb the negative, ungrounded or darkened emotional energies released by us humans, our species would likely not exist.

You’ve probably walked into a home, business, or even a natural setting & felt ‘weird vibes’ that have no obvious source. It could be a ghost or astral realm entity (see Here for information on those), though most probably it is Nature Intelligence doing us a service by holding ‘negative’ human energy until it can be healed/transmuted/released in love.

Thankfully there are many ways we can release this darkened energy!

Rev. Louisa has much experience in working with the ‘unseen realms.’ She uses Perelandra’s processes & materials, along with other conscious energy modalities, depending on circumstances & participants. You may schedule a regular 90 minute session or a 15 minute free consult by phone or email:  info@louisadyer.com828-484-8969


that influence physical structures/places/projects/people are: battle energies from individuals or groups, negative astral realm influences, psychic attacks, intense anger/grief/terror, ghosts, entities from other times/places fulfilling a previous soul contract or called in to help during crisis then not acknowledged so never released.

There is never anything to fear, as this free-will universe is literally based on love & when met with clarity, skill & compassion, all energy forms begin a return to balance.

If you’d like assistance with clearing imbalanced, stuck, negative or just plain weird energies from your home, land, projects or physical body, please contact Rev. Louisa.

If ghosts or astral entities are an issue, please visit this page for more information.


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please call or email Here.

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