Akashic Record Readings

Your Akashic Records offer healing, understanding & in-depth answers
to all questions about your own self, life,
overall direction & purpose, relationships,
7pointed health on all levels, what does & does not serve you & so much more.


Rev. Louisa accesses your Akashic Records through prayer then emails you
the mp3 recording of your session.


To schedule a Reading: info@louisadyer.com or 828-484-8969. Please see “Before Your Session” note below.


General Akashic Records Information
The ‘Akasha’ is another name for the field of consciousness surrounding all life forms. It holds every thought, word, deed, & intention related to any specific life form, throughout all time & space. Everything that occurs leaves an imprint.

Reading your Akashic Records accesses valuable “big-picture” guidance as well as details about any mundane or spiritual issue you can question. In addition, the Records give unconditional love, understanding & support, as well as healing.


Your questions must be written down before we begin
because you ask all of them at once when your Records are opened.

Your Record Keepers then answer as they choose, often in a way that ties the questions together. We double-check near the end to be sure everything was answered.
Sessions are recorded as an mp3 & emailed within 48 hours.

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There are times, however, when listening to your session is NOT recommended for awhile, if at all. For example, if many old patterns were released during the Reading, listening to it could re-trigger those patterns within you, especially if sufficient time for integration has not occurred.


Contact Rev. Louisa to schedule an Akashic Reading
Please see “Before Your Session” note below.


Before Your Session
Your questions must be written down before we begin because you ask them all at once when your Records are opened. Please complete & return this Online Questionnaire & this Akashic Release Form before we meet.

If you can’t work with the PDFs, simply copy & paste contents into an email to complete. If your browser won’t open the PDFs, save to desktop to complete.

If you’d like help formulating your questions, here’s a list of Akashic Records Sample Questions to help clarify and organize your own.

You really can ask & receive
detailed answers to almost anything you’d like to know
about yourself or your life throughout all time!

If you’d like to read a published article about the Akashic Records, you may use this link to view or download. Akashic Records Article in Whole Living Journal


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