Mission & Philosophy

The Mission…….To live in a state Wholistic Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MAof unconditional love – to assist people in discovering & expressing their True Self so they create lives they love – to help eliminate human suffering – to facilitate the rising of individual & collective consciousness so that each person experiences the joyful, loving & powerful truth of their Divinely Human nature


What Matters Most

                  You can heal no matter where you are or how you’ve been
because the power to do so is intrinsic to your being! Truth is knowable & it really can set you free. You are a divinely created being. I know this because when spirit leaves the body, it is called dead. Until then Spirit lives in you, providing the same powerful, loving coherence that holds the universe together.

Due to the structure & function of our brains, we are programmed by limited beliefs & distressing emotions of parents, culture, society, and our own fear-based imaginings, beginning in the womb. Healing requires only a willingness to notice & release that programming, and the courage to begin.

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Philosophy Arising From Experience

Because of a Near Death Experience at age 19, a drug addiction of 20 years & what was required to heal it, psychological torture in childhood perpetrated in the name of God & the arduous path taken to heal the resulting depression & cellular terror, and by the Grace always present even in the darkest despair, I know how to help you heal. 

Wholistic Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MABring light into darkness & darkness disappears – because it isn’t real, just an absence of light. You are Light too, shining brightly behind the clouds of negative programming. Remove those clouds & your Light will naturally heal all apparent problems.

What I know for sure is that we are designed to experience wholeness, joy, love
& inner peace. Because of free will, it must be a conscious choice.


Having lived in small towns & big cities, from Appalachia to Atlanta, New York to San Francisco, Albuquerque to Cincinnati & numerous points in between, I’ve worked with all types of people. We all crave peace & love, while yearning for joyful freedom. You do NOT have to suffer if you’re willing to release what’s causing it.

Wholistic Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MA


Through direct communication with your Higher Self, we can determine the most efficient path for creating a life you want to live, for releasing what no longer works & embracing what does, for discovering the wondrous beauty of your True Self & the Joy that comes from living your Truth.



I will meet you wherever you are on that journey and help you BE whoever you choose.

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flower_of_lifepurpleWholeness, Oneness, already exists. All else is illusion.