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WOW Processing Energy Psychology with Rev. Louisa DyerWOW Processing is Energy Psychology, designed for deep healing & lasting growth


The WOW Process &
The WOW-in-Love Process

An often heard remark at the end of WOW Processing: “WOW! That’s like 3 months of therapy in 90 minutes!”


You can now WOW yourself! After you’ve experienced a few facilitated WOW sessions, the WOW Recordings are a wonderful way to work with yourself at your own pace & can be purchased Here.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are dealing with trauma, clinical depression, addiction, or long-term physical issues, it is highly recommended that you work with Rev. Louisa or another skilled guide rather than using the WOW recordings.

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For more details about both The WOW Process & WOW-in-Love, WOWCDGuideCover
or how to become
 a WOW Processor for others, see these pages: WOW Processing & WOW-You Really Can Feel Better!

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The WOW Recordings are mp3 downloads
& include both The WOW Process &
The WOW-in-Love Process, along with detailed instructions & a PDF guide for visual aid.
Available from the WOW Store.

To order the 2-CD set, please email Rev. Louisa for details.

The WOW Process & The WOW-in-Love Process are, in essence, profoundly loving guided meditations that efficiently help you heal the emotional/mental/spiritual roots of distressing issues, situations, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors & feelings.

WOW Processing can also: Jumpstart Creativity; Resolve long standing internal & external Conflicts; Increase Confidence, Self-love & Inner Peace; Accelerate Personal & Spiritual Growth; Promote being Present/Grounded/Clear; Gently yet powerfully decrease emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual distress – in other words, You Really Can Feel Better!


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