Healing Services

Suffering is Optional

So says every enlightened being
throughout human history.

Rev. Louisa’s greatest joy comes from eliminating it, helping YOU embody wholeness, love, joy & prosperity. She gave up her ‘therapist hat’ in 1999 & became an Interfaith & Metaphysical Reverend, Teacher & Author to assist in new ways.

 Summary of Healing Services (click links for full description)

Wholistic Intuitive Coaching – Ongoing work may include all services listed, plus more. The goal is always to rediscover the loving Truth of YOUR Wholeness, Power & Joy – and help you claim it. Asking your Higher Self for the most beneficial ways to work, given what you desire, means time is never wasted. No matter who you are, where you’ve been or how you’re suffering, Rev. Louisa will meet you with compassionate wisdom to help you heal & grow.

 Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) – a way to discover subconscious beliefs, what is beneficial or detrimental given what you want, and to find out the truth about almost anything by asking yes/no questions. Rev. Louisa has used kinesiology since 1980 & has perfected the long distance use of it.

 Higher Self Communication – Every session with Rev. Louisa includes direct information from your Higher Self. She hears it clearly through the 3rd eye & also uses kinesiology for clarification. Lessons in how to communicate with your Higher Self are also available.

You may schedule a session or a 15 minute free consult by phone or email
info@louisadyer.com     828-484-8969

Energy Psychology – Therapeutic work that uses intention & energy meridians (from Chinese Medicine) to clear the emotional/mental/spiritual roots of dis-ease.  WOW Processing, an energy psychology co-created by Rev. Louisa, has often been described: “like 3 months of therapy in 1 session!”colorfulheart

The WOW Process – Energy Psychology that uses guided meditation to focus on a particular issue/goal/dis-ease/challenge & address the roots of it, allowing Presence to heal you, then aligns personality with your Spiritual Will for deep & lasting change.

The WOW-in-Love Process – Energy Psychology that uses guided meditation to experience Universal/Divine Love. Coupled with intention, this Love clears the thoughts/feelings/images that have blocked you from love, prosperity, productivity, peacefulness & joy.


Akashic Record Readings – to explore deeply the whys & wherefores of your life – from the mundane to the sublime – to get all your questions answered & release whatever is no longer desired.

BLISS Work: Bringing Light Into the Shadow Self – A profound process for self-healing that uses communication with your Higher Self to discover & heal the shadow aspects of personality, whether emotional, mental, physical or spiritual.

Nature Work (ala Perelandra) – Rev. Louisa has worked with all things Perelandra since 2000, using Professional MAP since 2003, & loves to assist with Perelandra Products & Processes.


Ghosts/Enpurplepathwithgatetity Removal – Whether you’re experiencing psychic attack, unwelcome visitations from ghosts or astral realm beings, or simply concerned about weird vibes or odd physical symptoms, Rev. Louisa has cleared many entities from people, homes, land & businesses.

 → Home/Property/Project BalancingThis is often done using Perelandra Nature Center processes, especially in “soil-less” gardens for businesses, relationships, health issues, or personal projects. Other tools are used when appropriate to your situation.

For greater detail about each of these modalities & the issues they address, please see their full descriptions.


Rev. Louisa speaks about her life & work in a radio interview from 3/6/12 on WAIF 88.3FM, Cincinnati.


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flower_of_lifepurpleWholeness, Oneness, already exists. All else is illusion.