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Not Everyone Remembers

Dreams can be sacred teachers, offering profound guidance, understanding & even wisdom.


Much research has been done about dreams. There are almost as many theories as there are people who sleep. Still, for those who work with their dreams, they often provide a new perspective, or reveal hidden meanings, or answer burning questions that waking consciousness did not.

What do your dreams reveal, or what do you wish they would?

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Rev. Louisa has explored dreams since the mid 70’s after joining a conscious (lucid) dream study group & has been helping clients interpret their dreams since the late 80’s. The best dream book she’s ever read is Dream Cycles by Dusty Bunker. One thing she knows for sure – dream messages are always helpful!

If you’d like help understanding your dreams, Rev. Louisa offers
a grounded, intuitive, consciously evolving & slightly Jungian approach
to dream interpretation.


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