Higher Self Communication

Higher Self is Always Available for Guidance, Comfort & Healing 


There are methods for
connecting clearly 
with your
Higher Self that Rev. Louisa 
can teach you.
She will also 
communicate with
your Higher Self for you.


Your Higher Self loves you unconditionally, knows what serves your highest good, will work with your body to help it heal, & loves to enlighten the ego/painbody or Shadow Self (see BLISS Work) to bring the divine light of your essence, the core energy of Love & Life Itself, more fully into your awareness.

To schedule a session for communicating with your Higher Self,
please call or email:
info@louisadyer.com     828-484-8969

Rev. Louisa works closely with your Higher Self, as well as her own, in each session, to be sure of serving the highest good with the greatest clarity & balance possible.


Your Higher Self can be described as the God-spark within; your True Self; the aspect within that loves you unconditionally; your embodied Divine Essence; the part of you that is fully aware of Oneness with everything, that always knows what serves you*answersInyouor blocks forward movement, that helps you discover how to be joyful
& peaceful, that is eternally guiding you to your highest & best in all things.


higher self guided meditation  Free Higher Self Guided Meditation 
To assist you in connecting & communicating more clearly with your True Self. This meditation will help you get grounded, present in your body, so communication with the deepest, highest part of yourself happens more easily.

You may listen here or download to use in a more comfortable setting. Give yourself 15 minutes of privacy and do not listen while driving. In celebration & joy of the Essence, the Presence Within …….


Your Higher Self is the God/Heaven/Source Within
that sages have spoken of throughout human history – the seat of personal power. It lives in your heart & offers wise guidance for a life of meaning, growth, prosperity & joyful freedom. It knows everything about living the life you most desire.


When you’re ready for more consistent communication with this highest,
deepest, unconditionally loving part of yourself, Rev. Louisa will assist you.

To schedule an appointment with Rev. Louisa, or a free 15 minute consult
to discover how she can best help you, please call or email Here.

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flower_of_lifepurpleWholeness, Oneness, already exists. All else is illusion.