WOW Processing

WOW Processing Energy Psychology with Rev. Louisa DyerWOW Processing Heals
Mental & Emotional Distress
while Facilitating
Deep & Lasting Growth

A form of Energy Psychology,
WOW provides fast, unconditionally loving & fully guided methods for allowing Presence to heal the roots of
any stressful issue, goal or situation.

The WOW Process &
The WOW-in-Love Process

“That’s like 3 months of therapy in 90 minutes!” (An often heard remark as WOW sessions end)


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If you’re ready for quick & deep healing, schedule a series of WOW sessions!
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People often say it’s like being rewired – mentally, emotionally & physically.

WOW Processing can also: Jumpstart Creativity; Resolve long standing internal
& external Conflicts; Increase Confidence, Self-love & Inner Peace; Accelerate Personal & Spiritual Growth; Promote being Present/Grounded/Clear; Gently yet powerfully decrease emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual distress – in other words, You Really Can Feel Better!

The WOW Process
When a particular thought, emotion, situation or issue is troubling you, The WOW Process quickly gets to the roots of it & allows Divine Presence to begin healing you. Using an unconditionally loving & specifically focused Metascript as a guided meditation, Presence increases within you & effortlessly aligns personal will with Spiritual Will.

Challenging thoughts, emotions, beliefs, & behavioral patterns are cleared from various levels of being, allowing deep healing to occur. Much of what causes our “problems” is hidden in the subconscious, below our level of awareness. WOW Energy Psychology/WOW Processing with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MAworks with this level to create lasting change. It can be intense, noticing what you’ve been holding inside that has blocked forward movement, yet WOW Processing always takes you to an awareness of more peace & love, and usually a clear way forward.

The WOW-in-Love Process
When feeling loved or loving is a challenge, especially as a result of trauma, abuse or distressing relationships, WOW-in-Love can open you to feeling more love than ever before. Love is truly what heals all wounds. From love, you are able to create a much different experience of yourself & life.

Using a grounded & profoundly loving Metascript as a guided meditation, WOW-in-Love allows you to release “less than loving” or negative experiences & reclaim the limitless love within you. Through love, you are able to release negativity, to let go the pain & suffering from your mind & body. It can be an intense process, yet WOW-in-Love always clears out pain & opens you to feeling the love already inside & all around you. It reconnects you with the power of love & thus heals those old wounds.


When you’re ready for deep healing, schedule a series of WOW sessions
with Rev. Louisa at 828-484-8969 or

Energy Psychology/WOW Processing with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MA 

WOW Processing Recordings
Once you’ve become familiar with WOW Processing by working with an experienced Processor, with both WOW in Love & The WOW Process, you may then do WOW Processing for yourself with this recording! After you’ve experienced a few facilitated WOW sessions, the WOW Recordings are a wonderful way to work with yourself at your own pace & can be purchased by emailing

The set includes both The WOW Process & The WOW-in-Love Process, along with detailed instructions & a PDF guide for visual aid.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are dealing with trauma, clinical depression, addiction, or long-term physical issues, it is highly recommended that you work with Rev. Louisa or another skilled guide rather than using the WOW recordings.

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