WOW – You Really Can Feel Better! (ebook)

WOW Processing Energy Psychology with Rev. Louisa DyerBecome a WOW Processor for Others!

Are you compassionate? Do you like helping others
free themselves from needless suffering?
Do you want a way to do so
that is simple & inexpensive to learn?


WOW Processing could be just what you’re looking for. WOW was originally designed so anyone could use the Metascripts to be a loving guide to facilitate deep healing in another.

The 50 page ebook, WOW, You Really Can Feel Better provides all necessary information to become a WOW Processor.
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This book is currently being revised & will be available again soon!


The WOW Recordings are used to do WOW Processing for yourself. Many use them effectively, on their own, after having 3-5 facilitated WOW sessions.

You may schedule a session or a 15 minute free consult by phone or email    828-484-8969
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Do you want a way to help others? Would you like to exchange sessions with a friend or loved one so both of you can experience deep & lasting growth?

People all over the world are using WOW in this way. If you are compassionate, can read & follow instructions, you can be a WOW Processor! This easy to understand ebook, WOW-You Really Can Feel Better! offers a fully guided process for being  present enough to facilitate deep healing.

Available at The WOW Store.

WOW Processing Energy Psychology with Rev. Louisa Dyer

The WOW ebook also describes the evolution of both WOW Processes & the energy psychology technology behind both Metascripts, along with an indepth discussion of “best practices.” You may contact Rev. Louisa with any questions that arise. To learn more about Energy Psychology, visit this Page or the WOW website.

The applications for WOW Processing are practically endless & the testimonials inspiring. Because WOW Processing operates as ‘Quantum BioFeedback’ it can be used to address goals, intentions & physical issues as well as mental & emotional suffering.


Imagine an easy, loving, fully guided process that you can use to quickly eliminate any type of stress – while also healing the emotional/mental/spiritual roots of  stressful responses. Old negative programming just falls away.

Both The WOW Process & WOW-in-Love let you accomplish this quickly, easily, and with lasting results. The Recordings that you can use for yourself, and the ebook for facilitating WOW for others, are both available at The WOW Store.


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