Themes of Illumination (Workbook)

Spiritual Workbook by Rev. Louisa DyerKnowing & Loving Yourself
while Creating a Happier Life is
Easier than you think!

..Opening to God Within
means ReClaiming Your Inner Divinity &
accepting the Truth of Who You Really Are.
It’s the only way to Live your Best Life.


Themes of Illumination helps you do that. To read excerpts from, or to order, this non-religious, non-sexist, easy to use workbook, please click Here.

In it, you’ll find practical, loving guidance to assist you in knowing your True Self – which is of course Divine. Once you recognize & accept that on a deeper level, everything external begins changing to reflect your new understanding.

Wonderful for beginners on the journey of self-love, the daily lessons offer simple, practical exercises to begin raising awareness of unconditional love both within & without. You may read excerpts & order Themes Here.

Just as helpful for more advanced students, Themes of Illumination offers profound insights which deepen your awareness of Divine Love & catalyzes rapid spiritual growth. Themes helps you accept yourself right where you are & grow at your own pace.


Each very short chapter (1-2 pages) offers a particular truth or self-awareness that opens you to higher understanding, automatically increasing self-esteem & confidence. Questions & exercises are designed to increase your joy, creativity & positive Self Help Author Rev. Louisa Dyerrelationships with Self, Source and others, while promoting more consistent inner peace.


A chapter constitutes one week of study, though you may decide to spend a day or a month with each lesson. As you complete them, a transforming love for yourself, along with greater trust/security/balance in life itself, begins to blossom. Your progress is assured, regardless of how you time it.

You deserve to know and express your True Self – to experience the God within you – to access and live from your Divine Self!  The contemplations given in Themes can help accomplish this, right now – to get started, visit


The only time is Now – when you are ready to know your True Self,
which is Divine, & grow outwardly into the beautiful Being you already are inside,
you may do so in your own home, on your own schedule.


Themes of Illumination, Opening to God Within: 52 Weeks of Divine Contemplations
(ISBN 1-4120-5796-5)


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