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Knowing the Source Within

a non-religious Radio Show that offers free tools & inspiration for living a happier, healthier, more spiritually connected life.
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wow ebook coverFacilitate WOW Processing for others!
It’s easy, inexpensive & incredibly rewarding.

WOW is a form of Energy Psychology that uses powerful & unconditionally loving Guided MetaScripts to effect deep healing & lasting growth.

WOW – You Really Can Feel Better is the ebook that teaches you how to become a compassionate & skilled WOW Processor for others.

This book is currently being revised, and will be available again soon.

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WOW Sessions You Do for Yourself!

 Recordings of The WOW Process & WOW-in-Love Process include detailed verbal instructions &
a PDF Guide for visual aid & best practices, so you can easily facilitate WOW sessions for yourself.

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To schedule WOW sessions with its co-creator, contact Rev. Louisa by phone or email. WOW Processing is designed for deep, fast & lasting growth with unconditionally loving guidance that automatically increases inner ‘Presence.’


Discovering Your Divine Self

This practical, non-religious, non-sexist Workbook gently walks you into Knowing & Loving Yourself more fully, instilling greater confidence & peace of mind than ever before.

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A Supportive & Inspiring guide for personal & spiritual growth; use individually, in groups, or as a couple to deepen meaningful connections.


Listen to a rare interview of Rev. Louisa on WAIF 88.3FM, Cincinnati 3/16/12.


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Wholeness, Oneness, already exists. All else is illusion.