Wholistic Intuitive Coaching

rev. louisa dyer wholistic counselingYou are a Radiant, Loving Being!

“If You don’t consistently Experience
this Truth, we can clear what’s blocking it. You deserve Joy, Peace, Love, Prosperity & Well-Being – your birthrights!”

Grounded, Intuitive, Pragmatic
These are words often used to describe Rev. Louisa. She does ongoing life coaching with most, yet also accommodates individual sessions for Akashic Record Readings, Kinesiology & WOW Processing. All sessions are 90 minutes.


For more information or to schedule sessions, call 828-484-8969 or email info@louisadyer.com. For important details about scheduling, please click Here.


Ongoing work may include any of the services listed Here,
plus others. Communication with Higher Self & Nature Intelligence, along with
kinesiology (muscle testing-see below), are intrinsic parts of every session. Wholistic Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MARev. Louisa always works wi
thin a Professional MAP Team (ala Perelandra),
focused on serving your highest good while helping you achiev
what you most de
sire in the most balanced ways possible.


Using kinesiology (muscle testing) & asking your Higher Self for the most beneficial ways to assist you, given what you most desire, means time is used efficiently. No matter who you are, where you’ve been or how you’re suffering, Rev. Louisa will meet you with compassionate wisdom & help you move forward in the ways you choose.

A Note about Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) it’s a way to discover subconscious beliefs, what is beneficial or detrimental given what you want, and to find out truth about almost anything by asking yes/no questions: supplements, projects, teachers, treatments, relationships, etc.  Rev. Louisa has used it since 1980 & perfected its long distance use.


For more information or to schedule, call 828-484-8969 or email info@louisadyer.com.
For important details about scheduling, click Here.

….Wholistic Intuitive Coaching
allows you to discover Who/How/Where
You Really Are & What You Most Desire,
then begin claiming Your Truth
in accordance with Highest Good.

As you do, you experience a much greater sense
of wholeness, of being loved & loving.
Acceptance of this loving Truth changes
everything for the better.




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to discover how she can best help you, please call or email Here.

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flower_of_lifepurpleWholeness, Oneness, already exists. All else is illusion.