Empathic, Grounded Intuitive
Focused on Your Growth & Healing 

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Searching for Answers? Feeling Anxious or Confused?

I will help you know & live from your own truth, access your intrinsic power,
get clear about boundaries, heal anxiety & release fear, or discover almost anything you’d like to know, so you can live your best life now!

I have so many tools to help & always inquire of your Higher Self & Nature Intelligence to discover which are most effective.

A Gift for you! A ‘Spiritual Attunement‘ to connect & communicate with the deepest, highest aspect of your True Self. Click here for your Free Higher Self Guided Meditation


You may schedule a session, or a free 15 minute consult to discuss possibilities for working together, at info@louisadyer.com or 828-484-8969.


I work in numerous ways, using muscle testing (kinesiology) to discover what’s most beneficial for you. Please enjoy discovering the many possibilities for Your healing journey! Full Details about each Service available HERE


YEAR-ROUND SPECIAL – 3 WOW Sessions for the price of 2!
focused on ONE issue all 3 sessions over 7-14 days (What is a WOW Session? Powerful, Loving & Effective! Click here: WOW Processing)

See Healing Services page for details. Rev. Louisa is spiritual though not religious, empathic & non-judgmental, an Interfaith & Metaphysical Minister with a Masters in Holistic Psychology & 35 years counseling experience.

As Rev. Louisa says: I’ve been to heaven & hell & back again so many times, and walked so many out of hell, that I know there is ALWAYS a path going up and out. All it takes to heal, to rise up out of misery, is willingness & love, and a little courage. My greatest joy comes through walking that incredible path with another. Each of us has the power; to claim it requires a conscious choice.”
Here are a few words from Rev. Louisa’s clients.
 Radio Interview of Rev. Louisa, 3/16/12
 Inspiration & free tools on Inner Divinity, Knowing the Source Within Radio Show, 88.3 FM Cincinnati, Archived HERE
Archived Shows on every topic imaginable! from Cincinnati & Asheville, NC .
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To schedule an appointment with Rev. Louisa, or a free 15 minute consult, please call 828-484-8969 or email Here.


Wholeness, Oneness, already exists. All else is illusion.