Nature Work (ala Perelandra)

Nature Work with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MACoCreating with Nature Intelligence

Brings Better Health & Greater Vitality to
our Bodies & Invites Nature’s Inherent
Balance & Clarity into All Human Endeavors!


Rev. Louisa has used “all things Perelandra” since 2000 & consults with those wanting to incorporate Nature Work into their lives, projects, homes, businesses, relationships, etc.

Flower Essences; Microbial Balancing; MAP (Medical Assistance Program – both Personal & Professional); Soil-less Gardening; Muscle Testing (kinesiology);   Energetic Clearings for property, home, business, soil, water, atmosphere, physical illness, etc.


All Perelandra products & processes are designed to be used independently
& Perelandra offers no ‘certification’ for consultants or practitioners

Perelandra provides the necessary information for individuals to use their materials,
with a Question Hot Line open on Weds. for personal assistance.
Some programs have a steep learning curve while others, such as MAP, are very easy.


Rev. Louisa credits nature with saving her life as a child & has always had a special relationship with the natural world, especially trees. Discovering Perelandra shifted her understanding of nature significantly. If you are interested in taking better care sun in woodsof your own health & the world you live in, she encourages you to explore the incredible offerings of Perelandra Nature Research Center.


Nature Intelligence, as explained by Machaelle Wright of Perelandra, is inherently balanced. When we work in a co-creative relationship with Nature, humans & nature both benefit greatly.

Nature holds the blueprint, or Divine Intent, for all things in form – which is everything we perceive with our senses, including thoughts & emotions. We may communicate with Nature Intelligence to determine what is beneficial for any form, including all projects, relationships, businesses, and our health on every level – physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.


To understand the science behind working with Nature Intelligence, read Machaelle’s book, CoCreative Science: A Revolution in Science Providing Real Solutions for Today’s Health & Environment, 1997.

If you would like more personal assistance in working with Nature Intelligence, in applying Co-Creative Science, or in understanding Deva’s & the Nature Spirit realms, contact or 828-484-8969 to schedule the time.


Flower Essences bring the nervous/electrical systems into balance & healing occurs naturally. Wholeness purple floweralready exists
& Flower Essences bring us back to it. Perelandra offers prepared solutions & also a Flower Essence kit to create individual solutions to address any problematic issue. They work!

Rev. Louisa has helped many with Perelandra’s flower essence solutions.

To use them well, read Machaelle Wright’s book, The Perelandra Essences: A Revolution in Our Understanding & Approach to Illness & Health.

All ‘things’ have an electrical field & a particular vibration
– every cell, organ, plant, mineral, animal, person, star, thought, emotion, relationship, business, project, etc. In humans, these electrical impulses directly impact the nervous system, determining in large part if, how, and what we perceive.

Every detrimental thought, feeling, situation or substance we hold or encounter creates an imbalance in our electrical field. Flower Essences restore that balance. Healing begins immediately on all PEMS levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

If you’d like personalized assistance with using flower essences, or any of the Perelandra processes, call 828-484-8969 or email
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A NOTE ABOUT MAP (Medical Assistance Program)
MAP was co-created by Machaelle Wright of Perelandra with Nature Intelligence, so anyone may have incredible support & assistance in addressing health on every level of being. To use it, you must read the MAP book, available at

rev. louisa dyer wholistic counselingNo external assistance beyond the book is needed for MAP, though Perelandra’s ETS+ is highly recommended. And no, they do not pay me in any form for promotion, nor does Perelandra endorse my or anyone else’s Nature work. All their materials are designed for individual use.



Nature Intelligence holds the blueprint for all things in form. From Nature’s perspective, anything created & maintained by humans is considered a garden. Co-creating with Nature in all our endeavors, our various soil-less gardens, gives us access to balance & vitality otherwise lacking.

Perelandra’s Soil-less Garden Companion (along with The Perelandra Garden Workbook for gardens grown in soil) teaches this co-creative way of living. Your Higher Self is also included in Nature Connections, so personal benefit is assured. When working with form, which is everything we can perceive, Nature holds the blueprint for it, and thus accurate answers to all our questions about it.


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flower_of_lifepurpleWholeness, Oneness, already exists. All else is illusion.