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Radio with Rev. Louisa A Dyer, MA Conscious CoCreating
Tools to Empower
(Asheville Radio Show Archives)

These shows were produced live at urRadio, Asheville’s public access radio station, by Rev. Louisa Dyer in late 2010 & early 2011.
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10//28/10 Getting Accurate Answers How to ask questions clearly enough to receive accurate information; exploring Dr. David Hawkins’ spiritual research & understanding of kinesiology (muscle testing) to know the truth about anything.

11/4/10 All Truth is Knowable Reviewing the Power vs Force book series by Dr. David Hawkins, with explanation of HOW it is that we can know anything about what exists now or that has ever existed.

11/18/10 Map of Consciousness Translated into 25 languages, Hawkins’ Consciousness Scale shows us how to raise ourselves & others up out of suffering.  Apologies for the background noise through parts of the show.

12/2/10 David Hawkins A deeper explanation of how to use the Map of Consciousness to develop empathy, compassion, understanding, and greater acceptance of oneself & a life of joyful freedom.

12/9/10 Byron Katie – The Work Katie’s life story & how she became enlightened – with an explanation of how to do “the work” – her offering to reduce suffering.  It’s very simple & profoundly effective in stopping painful thinking!Radio with Rev. Louisa A Dyer, MA

12/16/10 Byron Katie – Part II This is a lovely interview with BJ, a lover of Katie’s Work, even though the background noise is distracting in a few sections.  I’m posting it anyway because the material is worth the distraction!

12/23/10 Sacred Activism 10 Things You Can Do Right Now to connect & align with your own power, faith & goodness, using Andrew Harvey’s book, The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism.

1/06/11 A New Earth Reviewing chapters 1-4 of Eckhart Tolle’s best-seller, focused on the inevitable flowering of human consciousness through understanding & dismantling of the ego.

1/13/11 A New Earth – Part II Reviewing chapters 5-7 of Tolle’s book, focused on transmuting the painbody’s suffering into greater love, peace, joy & ultimately enlightenment. Apologies for background noise in a few sections.

2/10/11 Aligning with Purpose Reviewing last chapters of Tolle’s A New Earth, focused on creating the lives & the world we most desire – how acceptance, enjoyment, enthusiasm are the keys to living well.

3/3/11 Techniques of Thriving Noticing/accepting miracles – and 5 simple tools to begin thriving right now!  Thymus Thump, Duck’s Beak Exercise, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Higher Self guided meditation, WOW Hand Position.

3/10/11 Tools from Perelandra Brief explanation of a few health-changing offerings from Perelandra Nature Research Center ( M.A.P. (Medical Assistance Program) and ETS+, which I call rescue remedy X 100.

3/17/11 Working with Nature Understanding Nature Intelligence in new ways; more amazing tools from Perelandra for better health & greater vitality; growing better gardens through “Gut Gardening”.

3/24/11 Flower Essences of Perelandra How Flower Essences improve physical/emotional/mental/spiritual health; Body-Soul Fusion; Using FE to assist those who are dying; this show ends abruptly due to tech difficulty in studio. purplecircleOM

3/31/11 Setting Clear Intentions Various methods of getting clear enough to know what you really want then manifest it!  Including Most Benevolent Outcome Prayers & establishing a DDP – definition, direction, purpose – for any goal/project.

4/5/11 Raising Your Consciousness The science of spiritual growth, explained by David Hawkins in Truth vs Falsehood; knowing the spiritual power & truth of various teachings/institutions with muscle testing; a focus on conscious evolution.

4/19/11 WOW Processing Energy Psychology Explanation of Energy Psychology in general, WOW Processing in particular – how it works, what it works with, how to use WOW to address and clear any challenge, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

4/26/11 Free Will and Personal Boundaries Using the teachings of Tolle, Hawkins’ & Katie, with 25 years Holistic Counseling experience, we explore the difference between boundaries & barriers, while aligning personal will with higher spiritual will.

5/3/11 How to Manifest What You Want Explanation of energy & how things naturally occur according to our greatest teachers; emphasis on Neville & his process of “imagining the wish fulfilled” as effective way to manifest desires into physical reality.

5/10/11 Consciously Creating Our Dreams Reviewing A New Beginning, Book 2 by Esther & Jerry Hicks (Abraham), which I call Metaphysics 101; how to know what you want & then let yourself have your heart’s deepest desires.


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Radio with Rev. Louisa A Dyer, MAINNER DIVINITY
(Cincinnati Radio Shows)

Join Rev. Louisa Dyer & cohost,
SageWoman, Weds. 2–3pm EST,
on 88.3 fm Cincinnati,
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Inner Divinity, Knowing the Source Within Radio Show (5/16/12-Present)

5.16.12 First WAIF Show Is About Your Inner Divinity

5.23.12 The Power Of Willingness

6.6.12 Courage And Consciousness 

6.13.12 Power Patterns From Power VS ForceWholistic Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MA

6.20.12 Opening To Your Higher Self 

6.27.12 Byron Katie Talk 2nd Half Only

7.4.12 Reviewing The Biology Of Belief 

7.11.12 Interview With Grailville Spiritual Retreat Center 

7.18.12 Discovering And Healing Unconscious Programming With Energy Psychology 

7.25.12 Release Suffering And Self Sabotage

8.8.12 Spiritual Journey Of Rev. Audrey Dupuy

8.15.12 How To Allow Healing of Body Mind Spirit

8.22.12 Conscious Dancer Magazine Interview

8.29.12 My Spiritual Journey Interview

9.5.12 Healing Depression And The Underlying Fear 

9.12.12 Noticing And Healing The Painbody

9.19.12 The Power Of Prayer

9.26.12 Addiction Experts Explain How To Heal

10.10.12 Ghosts Spirits Or Astral Realm EntitiesRadio with Rev. Louisa A Dyer, MA

11.7.12 Loving Yourself Using Louise Hays Teaching

10.24.12 Interview Corina Andronache

10.31.12 Healing With Prayer And Doris Story Of Saint 

11.7.12 Loving Yourself Using Louise Hays Teaching

11.14.12 Healing Cancer Interview Lauren Powell

11.28.12 Amazing Health With Perelandra Flower Essences And MAP

12.5.12 Byron Katie 21 Ways To Stay In Peace

12.12.12 Happy Holy Days Of December

12.19.12 Rev. Dupuy On Christmas 

1.2.13 Kwanza And Levels of Consciousness 

1.9.13 Rising Up Out Of Shame

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2.6.13 Healing Journey of Pat Meier

2.13.13 Finding Our Faith

2.20.13 From Need To Want To Conscious Choice

Letting Go Anger And Damaging Pride

Accessing Courage By Telling The Truth

Inner Honesty And Courage

Bev Bowers Interview

Singer Songwriter Paulette Meier InterviewRadio with Rev. Louisa A Dyer, MA

Everything Is InterConnected

Pat Meier On Spiritual Practices

Releasing Subconscious Programming

True Story Of Higher Self Connection

Requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes From Your Guardian Angels

What Does It Take To Really Forgive

5.22.13 Radical Forgiveness Introduction

Understanding How To Truly Forgive

Radical Forgiveness Eliminates Victim Mentality

Interview Larry Watson’s Healing Journey

Summer Solstice from Nature’s Perspective

Rapper Kim Belew’s Healing Story Pt1

Rapper Kim Belew’s HealingStory Pt2

Discovering And Releasing Core Negative Beliefs

Rising Up with Inspirational Music

rev. louisa dyer wholistic spiritual counseling

Core of All Religion is the Golden Rule

Waking Up: Interview with Michelle Anderson

Music to Wake You Up

Transformative Ambiguity with Mary Pierce Brosmer

Love Holds the Stars Together

Loving Synchronicity

Spiritual Freedom

Ask Believe Receive With Sage Woman

Heart Centered Living With Sage Woman

Oracle Kimberly Interview

Proof of Your Power

Ghosts And Weird Vibes

Samhain With Sage

When Spirit Leaves the Body

Spiritual Surrender With Sage And Ari

Staying Present With Yourself

Raising Your Level of Consciousness

Winter Solstice Energies Radio with rev. louisa dyer, wholistic counseling

Principles Of Kwanzaa

Finding Your Faith

Being A Free Spirit

You Can Heal Your Life

2.12.14 Choosing Love

2.19.14 Interview Mari Knight

2.26.14 Cultivating Inner Peace

3.5.14 Connecting With the Goddess Within ebook – interview with author, SageWoman

3.12.14 Sage’s Journey With Forgiveness

3.19.14 Interview Mary Manera About Hospice

3.26.14 Healing Your Heart After A Loss

4.2.14 Letting Go Painful, Negative Feelings

4.9.14 Finding the Courage to Feel Better!

4.30.14 Healing the Sacral Chakra

5.14.14 Balancing the Solar Plexus

5.20.14 Louisa’s Inspiring Music Show!

Rev. Louisa Dyer Wholistic Counseling

5.28.14 Healing With the Heart Chakra

6.11.14 Third Eye Knowing

6.18.14 Getting Over Betrayal

6.25.14 Patti Lightflower Interview

7.2.14 Discovering the Bliss of the Crown Chakra

7.30.14 The Incredible Music of Faith Rivera

8.6.14 Faith Rivera Interview! Enlightening & fun….



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Wholistic Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MAWholeness, Oneness, already exists. All else is illusion.




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