Accepting All of It

This holiday brings forth such mixed feelings for so many. There is so much to be thankful for in each moment – a breath, a breeze, a smile, an open heart, the capacity to think and feel, a growing consciousness – and there is also so much suffering in this world caused by war, poverty, greed and hatefulness – all symptoms of unaddressed fear. Where do we find the balance between acknowledging the preciousness of life, of loved ones, of connection with Spirit and also not turning away from the pain within ourselves and in the outer world?

To deny or suppress or ignore pain is to make sure it continues. Each of us must somehow find the compassion within to face our own fears and release them so that we are able to acknowledge the suffering of others and do what we can to alleviate it. It is proven science that we truly are all ONE; it is also spiritual truth, and whatever we do or feel or think toward one, we do to all. What happens in our world is a reflection of what is happening within each of us and therefore each of us has great power to affect what is happening in our world!

I urge each of us to find the deepest clearest love within our own hearts that we can discover – focus on who or what you’ve ever loved and let that feeling fill you up. Feel LOVE in every level and aspect of your being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – give yourself permission to take the time to simply rest in the deepest love you can feel. Revel in it; bask in it. Nothing more need be done to raise your own vibration and through you, the vibration of All, of One. And if you wish to, you may also become so full of LOVE that you consciously radiate it outwards – to your home, your community, your friends and even to the whole of humanity and beyond.

Yes, you have that power and i pray that you use it today. Unconditional Love heals. So whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or not, whether you have a loving family around you or not, whether you are with friends or spending the day alone, know that you are loved simply because you exist. Know also that a Divine Love lives within you and the proof of this is that your body is alive, for when Divinity leaves the body it is what we call dead. Until then, whenever you reach for the Divine within your own Self, you come closer to touching the truth of Love. When you let yourself feel the love already in your heart, you raise yourself up into the arms of that Divinity.

And that is my prayer this Thanksgiving – that you, that I, that everyone everywhere remember the truth of Divine Love living inside and we bask in it long enough that unconditional Love radiates to everyone everywhere. And so it is. Amen and Blessed Be.

Wholistic Intuitive Services: Rev. Louisa Dyer's photo.

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