Ghosts/Entity Removal

Ghosts/Entity Removal with Rev. Louisa Dyer Ghosts, Psychic Attack,
Astral Realm Entities,
Odd Physical Symptoms

Concerned about any of these?

Whether you see/hear/feel or even suspect the presence of ghosts, psychic attack, visitation by entities from the lower astral realms, an unexplainable dis-ease process resistant to healing, or just “bad vibes” in a particular location, please KNOW these energies CAN be cleared, often quite easily. There are numerous ways to do so, depending on the situation.


Thankfully, this is a free will universe & everything in it is interconnected,
and no matter how it seems, everything happens by agreement.

It doesn’t appear that way sometimes, because we’re aware of only 5-10% of what goes on within us, leaving 90-95% outside conscious awareness. Consequently, agreements are made subconsciously & we don’t even remember making them! Yet we did & with acceptance, we can change those agreements & move forward in new ways, free of outside influence.


If you’d like assistance in addressing any of these energies of the
‘unseen realms’ please contact Rev. Louisa. She has much experience
in sending them on their way.

You may schedule a session or 15 minute free consult by phone or email     828-484-8969

If strange energies associated with home or property are an issue,
please visit this page for how best to handle them.


For Your Edification
When clearing ‘outside influences’ from a person, no matter the form its in, it helps to establish the nature of that energy – what it is, where it came from, the purpose it serves, etc. When there is acceptance, followed by willingness to completely release it, we then give it a path & any assistance needed to move on.

Sometimes the energy goes to its next higher level within the universe, or back to its point of origin, or folds into it’s own point of light & dissolves if purpose has been served. Regardless, the entity or ‘outside influence’ always leaves.

Ghosts/Entity Removal with Rev. Louisa Dyer

Ghosts are a Different Story

Ghosts are typically associated with a place rather than a person, though occasionally visitations are personal & are addressed as such. When clearing ghosts or stuck energies from particular locations, Rev. Louisa works directly with Nature Intelligence & the Higher Self of all beings involved. Perelandra’s Energy Cleansing Process is often effective in helping the energies move forward on their path.


This work is easily done by phone, as energy is not constrained by time & space. Releasing these entities is a gift not only to yourself, but to the energy forms that have been stuck inappropriately in time or space. You will probably feel their relief at being freed, as well as your own.


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to discover how she can best help you, please call or email Here.

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