You deserve to feel whole, joyful, free & at peace.
Healing is always possible, in fact, it is inevitable because
you are already whole. 

When you are ready to claim it,
Compassionate, Effective & Affordable Help is Available

divine beloved

A Summary of All Services available here

Wholistic » using numerous tools to enhance all levels of being – together, we discover, remember reclaim the wholeness that already lives within.

A Gift for you – a FREE Higher Self Guided Meditation
to connect & communicate with the deepest, highest aspect of your True Self.
Higher Self Guided Meditation...


There’s a lot of information on this site, much of it educational; please take your time & explore all you’d like.


Do You Feel confused, tired, insecure, angry or afraid?

Do You Seek to know the Truth about yourself, situations, or
the most beneficial paths to take?

Do You Have life goals or spiritual aspirations you’ve longed to fulfill?

Are ghosts, negative psychic energies, odd symptoms,
or astral entities bothering you?

Rev. Louisa meets you wherever you are & helps you heal & grow. 


Please see the
Healing Services page for an overview of Wholistic Spiritual Counseling & Intuitive Services. Rev. Louisa is spiritual though not religious, an Interfaith & Metaphysical Minister with a Masters in Holistic Psychology & 28 years counseling experience. She works in person & nationally by phone.


…..You can, and deserve to, feel whole, empowered, at peace,
and filled with love for yourself and your life.

You may schedule a session or a 15 minute free consult by phone or email
info@louisadyer.com     828-484-8969


As Rev. Louisa says: I’ve been to heaven & hell & back again so many times that I know anything is possible. All it takes to heal is willingness & love. My greatest joy comes through walking that spiraling path with another. Each of us is divinely created & the power that keeps the stars shining in place also lives inside each of us. That power heals & it is ours to use, just as soon as we claim it.”

Are you ready & willing to feel better?
Or even willing to be willing?
Then let’s begin…

rev. louisa dyer wholistic spiritual counseling

Here’s what a few of Rev. Louisa’s clients say. 

 Radio Interview of Rev. Louisa, 3/16/12

 Inspiration & free tools on Inner Divinity, Knowing the Source Within, Radio Show, 88.3 FM Cincinnati; Weds, 2-3pm EST: live streaming Here.

 Archived Radio Shows from Asheville, NC & Cincinnati


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Feel free to use the Free Higher Self Guided Meditation to assist in getting more present & grounded in your own Divine self! Through connecting with this deepest, truest part of yourself, you will discover the love, beauty & peace within.

From communication with your Higher Self, you will learn how to live in ways that make you happier than ever before. You will find the Meditation on this Page.

To schedule an appointment with Rev. Louisa, or a free 15 minute consult
to discover how she can best help you, please call 828-484-8969 or email Here.

For more information about scheduling & costs, click Here.
For a Summary of Healing Services, click Here.


Wholistic Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MAWholeness, Oneness, already exists. All else is illusion.

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