The Power of Loving Truth Heals All Distress

Compassionate, Intuitive & Effective Assistance Available

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Are you Searching for Answers? Feeling Anxious or Confused?
Do you long for non-judgmental & practical assistance?
Each of us has enough wisdom, power & love living inside of us to heal all pain, yet most of us have trouble accessing it.
Knowing & Living Your Own Truth Brings Peace & Clarity

How? Because Presence Heals & Truth is Knowable!

Presence could be called the Divine Spark of Life Itself, or
God/Goddess/Great Spirit, and lives in you as your True or Higher Self.
All the pain in our lives arises from feeling disconnected from
this inner source of Truth, Wisdom & Profound Love.

That pain of disconnection is often intense, and doesn’t stop until
we again feel connected to our own Truth, our Inner Source of Life Itself. 

I have walked this painful journey and helped many others
come up & out of it into wholeness – You can as well.


You may schedule a session, or a free 15 minute consult to discuss “how” we will begin, by phone or email: info@louisadyer.com, 828-484-8969


A Gift for you! A FREE ‘Spiritual Attunement
to connect & communicate with the deepest, highest aspect of your True Self.
Higher Self Guided Meditation

Please know that I work in various ways, dependent on who/how/where you are & what you most desire. I love muscle testing to discover the truth about the best ways to help, unless you already have a preference, in which case that becomes the best way.

Please enjoy discovering the many possibilities to begin a healing journey, rather than becoming confused or overwhelmed by the numerous choices!


Higher Self Communication; Muscle Testing to know the Truth;
(about almost anything and everything! You may stop guessing & wondering.)
Akashic Record Readings; Perelandra Nature Work & Flower Essences;
The WOW Process (Energy Psychology); Clearing Ghosts/Psychic Attack/Entities

Full Details about each Service are available HERE


problems are messagesIf you are struggling with difficult emotions, or looking to discover the truth about yourself, a situation, or the best way to address a problem, or finally ready to pursue those personal or spiritual goals, or wrestling with odd symptoms, ghosts, or negative psychic energies, compassionate & EFFECTIVE help is available!


Healing Services page for details. Rev. Louisa is spiritual though not religious, empathic & non-judgmental, an Interfaith & Metaphysical Minister with a Masters in Holistic Psychology & 29 years counseling experience.


You may schedule a session or a 15 minute free consult by phone or email: info@louisadyer.com, 828-484-8969

As Rev. Louisa says: I’ve been to heaven & hell & back again so many times, and walked so many out of hell, that I know there is ALWAYS a path going up and out. All it takes to heal, to rise up out of misery, is willingness & love, and a little courage. My greatest joy comes through walking that incredible path with another. Each of us has the power; to claim it requires a conscious choice.”

Are you ready & willing to feel better?
Then let’s begin…


Here are a few words from Rev. Louisa’s clients. 

 Radio Interview of Rev. Louisa, 3/16/12

rev. louisa dyer wholistic spiritual counseling

 Inspiration & free tools on Inner Divinity, Knowing the Source Within Radio Show, 88.3 FM Cincinnati, Archived HERE

Archived Shows on every topic imaginable! from Cincinnati & Asheville, NC .

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The Free Higher Self Guided Meditation is found on this Page.

For more information about scheduling & costs, click Here.
For Details about all Services, click Here.

To schedule an appointment with Rev. Louisa, or a free 15 minute consult, please call 828-484-8969 or email Here.


Wholistic Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MAWholeness, Oneness, already exists. All else is illusion.

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